Why does Image Compression conflict with Google Shopping?

If you're using the Google sales channel to connect Shopify to Google Shopping, please do not use image compression.

Google will sometimes have a "Processing Failed" error when your images are updated in bulk. This is a bug on Google's end which happens when they fail to crawl your images. 

Some sources report that Google has this issue when they receive an influx of crawl requests. The large number of requests overwhelms the Google shopping bot, meaning they're unable to process the image.

As the bug is not being caused by Hyperspeed, we're unable to fix it from our end. Other image compression apps have noted that Google has this issue as well. We would not recommend using any image compression app if Google Shopping uptime is critical for your store.

If you've compressed your images and encountered a Processing Failed error for the "image_link" or "additional_image_link", the best course of action would be to get in touch with Google support here https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/7218750 and wait for the images to be re-crawled. The issue should resolve itself when Google is able to re-process the images.