Frequently Asked Questions

Hyperspeed broke my site. What do I do?

Don’t panic! If only your theme preview is broken, disable the options in Theme Optimization one by one until the error is gone. Or get in touch with us at and we'd be happy to help!

If your live site is broken, start by selecting the ‘Remove Theme Changes’ button from the top bar of Hyperspeed. This removes all optimizations from your live theme.

If you believe your live site is broken, but you haven't published any optimizations, there could be a couple reasons for this:

  • You are still viewing the preview, and not the live site. Clearing your cache will let you see your actual site again. Here's how to clear your cache.
  • The issue you're seeing existed before Hyperspeed was installed. Hyperspeed will never make any changes to your live store's code until you click Publish Optimizations.

If you need any help, we have experienced developers ready to help. Email and we’ll get everything fixed up.

What happens if I make a change to my theme, and then click Remove Theme Changes in Hyperspeed?

Don’t worry! We keep a record of all of our changes so that we can remove Hyperspeed code without removing your other theme modifications.

If you made changes to your theme after installing Hyperspeed, removing your theme optimizations will not remove those changes.

I’d like to uninstall Hyperspeed. Is there anything I need to do?

Yes, head over to the Hyperspeed dashboard from your Shopify dashboard. From the top bar, select the ‘Remove Theme Changes’ button.

Once this is done, feel free to remove the app from your store. If you change your mind, just head over to the theme optimization section to optimize your theme again.

This will remove Hyperspeed’s code from your theme. Forget to do this before removing the app? No problem. Contact and we can get that sorted out for you.